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Highlights from the 2018 Claasagh concert, featuring the young Manx harp students who learn from the inter-Celtic harp specialist, Rachel Hair.

Supported by Culture Vannin, Rachel Hair teaches the Island's best and most promising harp students each month at Culture Vannin in St. John's. It is from these lessons that Mera Royle emerged to win the Young Folk Musician of the Year award in the BBC Folk Awards 2018. However, Mera is just the leading pupil in a large number of other fantastic musicians who we can look forward to hearing more of in the future.

More information about Claasagh and Manx music can be found on the Manx Music website: www.manxmusic.com

A full performance of the entirety of Claasagh performing Paul Cringle's Auldyn River is available to be enjoyed here: