Michael Players performing the Manx dialect play 'The Dumb Cake'

The Michael Players present Lilian and Eva Kneen's Manx dialect play The Dumb Cake, which is based on an old Manx custom for divining the future. A 'soddag valloo' or dumb cake is made and eaten in silence in the hope that the name of a future husband would be conjured up.

Jane-Ann - Ann Corlett
Mary-Ellen - Win Callister
Betsy-dark-eyes - Ann Barron
Mr Quilleash - John Barron
Dr Clague - Roy Kennaugh
Bill Magee - Alan Craine
Juan Qualtrough - John 'Dog' Callister

Filmed at the Centenary Centre, Peel, February 2014 by Culture Vannin culturevannin.im