Shennaghys Jiu Festival 2017

Recipient: Shennaghys Jiu Committee

young performers at one of the festival's successful concerts

Incredibly, April 2017 saw the 20th Shennaghys Jiu. The festival began in 1998 and has, from the beginning ,been based in Ramsey and the North. This has included working with and gaining support from the schools, Culture Vannin, Ramsey Town Commissioners and many local businesses and individuals.

Determined to mark the 20th anniversary with a special festival in 2017, the committee undertook various fundraising ventures during the winter months.

The anniversary feeling prevailed throughout the event with all involved praising the festival for what it had achieved over the years, but in particular, many of the performers paid tribute to the importance of Shennaghys Jiu and its values in their personal development as artists.

The success of the 20th festival, along with feedback from participants and sponsors, served to inspire and reinvigorate the committee, who will continue to promote Manx culture, guided by the primary objectives of Shennaghys Jiu.