Kathleen Faragher oral history project

Recipient: James Franklin

James Franklin was awarded a grant for a project which aims to record the memories of anyone who knew or had contact with Kathleen Faragher.

Kathleen Faragher was born in Ramsey in 1904 and emerged in the 1950s as an incredibly popular writer and performer, particularly through her humorous poems written in Manx dialect. She published seven books and hundreds of poems and stories in the Manx newspapers over a 25 year period before her death in Glen Mona in 1974. During her lifetime she established herself as one the Island's most published poets, its most prolific author of short stories, and one of the most important writers that the Isle of Man has ever known.

Despite being one of the Isle of Man's greatest writers, very little was written of her, and so all that is now left are the memories of those who knew her. This project aims to record and preserve those memories for future generations. No contact is too slight or memory too insignificant - everyone is encouraged to get in touch: EMAIL

Link: http://manxliterature.com/kathleen-faragher/