Shennaghys Jiu Festival 2014

Culture Vannin was pleased to support Shennaghys Jiu (Tradition today) Festival 2014. Established in 1998, the aim of the Festival is to enable everyone to enjoy music and join together informally for sessions, ceilis and jams. It was also created as an opportunity for younger performers to "take to the stage" without the added pressure of competition. Culture Vannin has supported Shennaghys Jiu for a number of years.

Performers come from across the six Celtic nations, and sometimes even from Galicia or Asturias. This year artists included:

Rachel Hair, Scammylt, Tree Cassyn, Bee er dty hwoaie, Awry, Splann, Mec Lir, Kerry Dancers, Meini Gwirion, Dhoon school and Ballacottier school choir.