Recorders' report on Lezayre church

The Isle of Man Decorative and Fine Arts Society were awarded a grant by Culture Vannin for the printing and binding costs of a report on Lezayre church.

The Society has been setting about making detailed records of the furnishing and content of Manx churches. The records describe each article in the church
including: memorials; stonework; metalwork; woodwork; textiles; paintings; its library; windows and other sundry items, together with notes on their manufacturer, donor and any relevant historical details pertaining to the article itself.

Though the records are not a social history or an architectural survey they doe capture at one point in time a full description of the interior and its fittings for posterity and the NADFAS records are becoming an increasingly important source of material for academic research.

The report is held in the Manx National Heritage Library under accession number MS 11165