Adrian Cain

Manx Language Development
Adrian Cain

Yn Greinneyder

Adrian Cain took over the position of Manx Language Development Officer (Yn Greinneyder) for Culture Vannin in January 2004. His role is to raise the profile of Manx Gaelic both within the Island and internationally and to assist organisations who work to support the language. The last few years have seen a growth in interest in our native language and the work of the Greinneyder is to maintain and develop this.

Over the last couple of years Yn Greinneyder has extended the adult language programme to include online lessons and resources. These complement our established publishing catalogue, as well as our two highly praised Manx language apps.

Adrian is currently working to deliver the Manx Language Strategy, which was developed by Culture Vannin in conjunction with the Department of Education, Bunscoill Ghaelgagh and Mooinjer Veggey, together with the Manx-speaking community.