Crosh Cuirn videos go live

Fri, 28 Apr 2017

On May Day eve (Oie Voaldyn) the evil spirits will be at their strongest in the Isle of Man. So, to enable the Manx to prepare for the worst, we created a short video showing how to make a crosh cuirn to protect your home.

This small cross made from twigs from the mountain ash tree and sheep’s wool is a traditional protection against witches and "Themselves". It is made without using iron in any way, and it is hung over your doorway until it is replaced this time next year.

In this short video Julie Matthews demonstrates how it is done, and tells us something of where this unusual Manx tradition originates:

The short film is also available in a Manx language version:

More about Oie Voaldyn and the Manx traditions of this time of year can be found here: Boaldyn