Manks Concert Online

Wed, 12 Apr 2017

The brilliant Manks Concert held in memory of Sophia Morrison is now available to watch online in 19 parts.

The concert which took place in the Peel Centenary Centre on 14 January 2017 marked the centenary of of the death of Sophia Morrison, perhaps the most important figure in Manx cultural history. The event was a showcase of the culture of the Isle of Man, including music, dance, song, theatre, poetry, stories and more.

The event was organised by Manx Branch of the Celtic Congress, the Mannin Branch of the Celtic League and Mec Vannin. It was filmed by Culture Vannin thanks to their generosity.

The evening's entertainment included performances by from Peel Clothworkers’ School, Ny Fennee, Caarjyn Cooidjagh, Scran, Christine Bregazzi, Clare Christian and others. It culminated in a performance of Christopher Shimmin's 1912 Manx dialect theatre play, 'The Charm', followed by a presentation to the Michael Players of the RBV 2017 for their contribution to Manx culture pver the past 60 years.

The full set of 19 videos from the Manks Concert is available to view online here: The Manks Concert.