The Manx Year goes live

Thu, 16 Mar 2017

There have been some exciting changes on the Culture Vannin website, including an additional new section of the website: The Manx Year.

Much of traditional Manx culture, and most of the traditional customs, are linked to the time of the year. Whether you are carving a turnip in October, making a wooden cross in April, or dancing in the streets in December, there is a lot of fun to be had across the Manx year. During the past six months, we have been looking into a few of these periods of the Manx year and we are now beginning to pull these together into a single central source of information. On the new Manx Year pages you might find videos, pictures, audio files, downloads and links to further information - everything you might want to live the year in a Manx fashion.

The first few parts of the Manx year are now online: The Manx Year.

As a happy effect of this new part of the website, the People & Places page has also undergone a redesign. We hope that you will visit it with fresh eyes and find your way to some of the Manx treasures that it holds.