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#treisht2020 projects for cultural and creative freelancers

Fri, 17 Apr 2020

Image by Phil Kneen
Image by Phil Kneen

We are delighted to announce a limited number of small projects which are available to established freelancers in the Isle of Man from creative and Manx cultural backgrounds. These are for immediate start and should be completed as soon as possible within 2 months from an agreed date. We are happy to consider other proposals within our remit that can be completed whilst following current public health guidelines.

You may only be assigned one project at any one time and the payment for each will be £500 inclusive of VAT and any other expenses. Whilst we are not asking you to prove that you rely on freelance work, we are operating on a trust basis that those applying need paid projects such as these at this time.

ID Short description
1001 Produce a short film which focuses on the Manx natural or built environment using previously recorded footage in a new edit to an agreed track in any genre of Manx music.
1002 Record melodies and accompaniments for the Steady as She Goes session (15 sets) on trad instruments. Up to 2 people working together within a household or collaborating online. Confident performers of Manx trad music only.
1003 Produce original artwork for scenes from Account of the Isle of Man in Song (the Traditionary Ballad) – text supplied on application. Other texts relating to the Isle of Man can be suggested.

Record 4 video tutorials for a solo trad instrument playing Manx tunes following the model set by Laura Rowles for Culture Vannin. For teachers/confident performers of Manx trad music only.

1005 Record a series of natural sounds from the Manx countryside or of interesting objects relating to the Island. This must only be done in line with Government advice for permitted exercise.
1006 Create a series of episodes for an audio book of a copyright free text in Manx or English that relates to the Isle of Man. For broadcasters, actors or those with similar experience.
1007 Record 4 song tutorials for traditional songs in Manx Gaelic. For teachers/confident Manx singers only.
1008 Photograph Manx place, street and house names in your locality, prioritising names with a Manx Gaelic origin. New photographs should be taken in line with the Government advice for permitted exercise only. Number to be agreed in advance.
1009 Create a series of up to 5 electronic backing tracks (in a wide variety of popular music genres) which people can use to play against and also to create their own arrangements. Number, length and format of tracks to be agreed in advance.
1010 Your original proposal…


Please apply by emailing us with the project ID or with your own proposal plus up to 250 words on your ability to deliver it (include details of the technical equipment available to you and link to website/Facebook pages evidencing previous work, where appropriate).How to apply

The first deadline is: 24 April 2020 but we hope to release more projects as funds become available.

You should only start work on a project once you have written agreement from Culture Vannin, who will provide further technical information and guidance. All payments will be made on successful completion of projects, with sign off from Culture Vannin officers.


treisht means trust, hope and confidence in Manx


Mee Averil 2020 April