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New Manx dance lessons

Wed, 03 Mar 2021

Popular Manx dances “Eunyssagh Vona” and “Dance for Three” have now been added to Culture Vannin’s growing collection of dance instruction films.

Filmed over the past few years, the lessons are led by Grainne Joughin and demonstrated by young and adult dancers from Skeddan Jiarg. This group from Peel are one of the many Manx groups inspiring a new popularisation of the Island’s traditional dances.

As the first freely available videos online, the tutorials are a valuable resource for Isle of Man schools, but it’s also hoped that they will introduce even more people to the traditional dances distinctive of the Isle of Man. In recent years Manx dancing has been taken up by groups all over the world, including in America, Australia, Brazil, Russia, and beyond. “Dancing is so important to the living culture of the Isle of Man,” said Dr Chloe Woolley, Manx Music Development Officer at Culture Vannin. “These films will enable even more people to take part.”

The eight films available are some of the best-known and best-loved of all Manx dances: Eunyssagh Vona, Dance for Three, Hop tu Naa, Flitter Dance, Chyndaa yn Bwoailley (‘Return the Blow’), Cur Shaghey yn Geurey and two versions of the Manx Girls Jig.

“Whether they are used by dance groups, school teachers or interested individuals, we are excited that these films will enable even more people to take part in one of the most enjoyable and social aspects of our culture.”

The films are all available on the Culture Vannin website where more information about Manx dancing is also available, and also on YouTube.