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Manx resources for schools

Tue, 26 May 2020

Educational resources now available for the customs & traditions of the Manx year.

Manx Culture and traditions play an important role in the teaching of Manx culture in our schools, and the Culture Vannin Manx Year resources have quickly become a staple part of these local teaching resources.

They range from the popular Hop tu Naa tradition on the 31st October, to lesser known traditions like Laa’l Breeshey, when you must ready a bed and food for St Bridget to come and stay, hopefully bringing you good luck for the year! Each tradition includes a section of excellent video resources - often in Manx and English, plus audio files, links and downloads all associated with the different traditions.

Now, in conjunction with DESC, each of the traditions has a selection of teaching resources produced for schools. These bespoke resources are filled with ideas for keystage one and two teachers to use in their classrooms, providing a starting point for some and a springboard for others, of how to incorporate the teaching of these important traditions into school subjects.

Jo Callister, Advisory teacher for the Manx Curriculum, DESC said:

“This has been a very exciting project. The Culture Vannin Manx Year resources have become invaluable for our schools and we were delighted to work with Culture Vannin to provide these school resources. They were created by one of our teachers, who has taught in both primary and secondary schools, to ensure that the suggested activities would be accessible and provide inspiration for further work, helping pupils to take pride in our unique culture and identity. During these unusual times, when many of our students are currently learning from home, these resources will also be very useful for parents.”

James Franklin, Online & Educational Resources Officer, Culture Vannin said:

“Over recent years there has been an enormous revival of interest in Manx traditions and customs. This has led to a wonderful increase in wellbeing, both for individuals and for communities across the Island. We are proud that our films and other resources have played a leading part in raising awareness of these traditions over many years, but we are even more excited now that these resources for young people are becoming available. Helping teachers and schools in the Isle of Man is a key part of our work, and it is something that we are even more proud of during these extraordinary times.”

The resources can be found here: https://www.culturevannin.im/resource_634338.html