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Manx guitar lessons

Thu, 04 Mar 2021

Over the past year, guitarists around the world have been treated to a Manx tune a month, expertly demonstrated and explained step-by-step on film by Pete Lumb, former Head of Guitar for the Isle of Man Music Service.

All of the 19 free films are now available online with detailed instructions and free downloadable pdf sheet music in both TAB and standard notation. The Manx melodies featured in the series include Three Little Boats, Eunyssagh Vona, Smuggler’s Lullaby, Sea Invocation and Lhigey Lhigey.

Dr Chloë Woolley, Manx Music Development Officer for Culture Vannin, said:

“Music is a way to connect to the Isle of Man, whether you already enjoy Manx trad music or not. This new series of tuition films is designed to make it easy to step into the exciting world of Manx music, even for those who have never encountered it before.”

The Manx melodies themselves were arranged for fingerstyle guitar by James Franklin, Pete Lumb and Frank Woolley, and the collection suits a range of abilities from beginner to advanced players.

Chloë explains:

“The series offers a way for so many people all over the world to engage in Manx material, allowing them to take it in exciting new directions.”

Chloe also themed a series of historical articles in the Manx Independent around the tunes.

All of the lessons and links to the sheet music are available here:

Manx guitar lessons