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Manannan's Charms

Fri, 05 Jun 2020

Having more time to try new things but not knowing what to do and spending way too much time on our phones instead? We’re all feeling it, you are not alone!

On World Environment Day, 5th June, Culture Vannin have released Manannan’s Charms, an app that weaves the fascinating (and somewhat bizarre) tales of Manx Folklore into a tale of helping our Island flourish and our relationship with the environment grow.

Think of Manannan’s Charms as Pottermore meets Manx Folklore meets Greta Thunberg.

Get sorted into your very own Clein - Fenodyree, Fer-Obbee, Fer-Marrey or Mooinjer Veggey - which will you be? And once you’re proudly flying your Clein colours, fill up your charms book by trying out the various charms - all eco-friendly activities to get stuck into. They are all lockdown friendly, don’t worry!

So, whether you’re looking for things to do, wondering how to live a more environmentally friendly life, trying to homeschool your kids or just want to find out what Clein you are, then head to manannanscharms.im to get started. Challenge your friends or do it with family.
Manannan wishes you luck!


Manannan’s Charms is part of Mann’s Green Footsteps, a project run by Culture Vannin. The project explores how the climate crisis is affecting our culture on the Isle of Man and encourages people to think more deeply about what that may mean for themselves, their families and their communities in the future.
The other project within Mann’s Green Footsteps is Island Utopias, a film series asking people throughout Manx society how they have been impacted by COVID-19, and what they hope for the Isle of Man as we begin to return to 'normal'. The films will focus on how these hopes may mirror the changes needed for the Isle of Man to be resilient and adaptable in the climate crisis. If you would like to contribute your thoughts and ideas to the project then contact us at sarah@culturevannin.im