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Launch of Mann's Green Footsteps

Thu, 28 Nov 2019

Climate change demo in Douglas
Climate change demo in Douglas

Mann’s Green Footsteps is the latest project from Culture Vannin. Headed up by our new intern, Sarah Mercer, a graduate from Durham University, it will document and share how the Isle of Man’s culture is changing in response to the climate crisis and its position as a UNESCO Biosphere. A series of projects working in collaboration with communities around the Isle of Man will culminate in a mini-festival and premiere of the short film in August. The film will follow the environmental journey of the Isle of Man over the next year.

This film will compile video clips submitted by the Manx community (that’s you!) and tell the tale of the unique ways in which the Manx culture has responded to climate change, from drawing on traditional practices that are symbiotic with the environment, to pushing for technological advances, and new ways of thinking about society and culture. Mann’s Green Footsteps - The Film will record the real stories of real people, and hopes to find those gems of knowledge, humour and inspiration that are present in all our lives. The film will celebrate the people, projects and communities that are involved in working towards a greener future.

We also want Mann’s Green Footsteps - The Film to be an inspiration, for communities and people on the Island, and for other Island nations, with their own strong identities and cultural practices. To see how the people around us, our society, is the backbone in creating a brighter world, not just for the environment, but for each and every one of us.

It is our relationships with our family, neighbours, colleagues and strangers that will provide resilience, support and solutions in the face of the climate crisis.

If you, or anyone you know, is involved in activities to do with our environment, whether that is growing your own food in your back garden, or have a plan to reforest the entire Island, then send us a video. We want everything from video clips of pear picking, wildflower walking and climate conversations to community projects, wild ideas and well established businesses and projects. These clips will be used in the short movie, and everyone who sends a clip will be invited to our festival in August, where we will premiere the film and have live music, speakers and mini-workshops.

Send your video clips via Wetransfer to sarah@culturevannin.im or using the hashtag #Mann’sGreenFootsteps on your social media posts, and we will message you if we would like to include your video clip. You can also get your video clips to us via memory stick to the Culture Vannin offices in St Johns. We can’t wait to see your videos, and we hope you enjoy following Mann’s Green Footsteps’ journey!

If you would like to find out more, get involved with Mann’s Green Footsteps, or be the first to know about the next project, then head to Culture Vannin’s website or follow us (@CultureVannin) on Facebook and Instagram.