The White Boys

The Christmas period on the Isle of Man once always used to include performances of the White Boys play (Ny Guillyn Baney).

This traditional Manx 'mumming' play would not have been performed to any stable script, but it always included a few key elements: saints, a fight, a death, a resurrection thanks to 'the Doctor' and a happy ending. This play could have been seen on the streets of Manx towns all over the Island during the Christmas period in the 19th Century and beyond.

The play included a special White Boys' Carol, and it was concluded with a sword-dance which finished with the distinctive holding aloft of the swords interlocked into a hexagon.


  • The White Boys Play (Peel, 2000)

  • The White Boys Play (Peel, 1997)

  • The White Boys Dance performed by Arbory Primary School

  • Creg Willy Syl (the tune for the White Boys Dance)

  • The White Boys Dance (Peel, 1997)

  • All performances of the White Boys, Peel, 2000

  • The White Boys Dance performed by Bree in 2016