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Learn Manx - Ynsee Gaelg

Learn Manx is your ideal introduction to Manx Gaelic providing an exciting and enjoyable start to learning the language of the Isle of Man. Designed to encourage learners to speak, the first ten units provide you with the basic patterns needed to start using the language with the exercises and dialogues helping students to become familiar with conversational Manx.

The App will benefit anyone wishing to start using Manx as well as those who understand some of the language but who would like to refresh their language skills. With its voice-recording and playback function, the exercises encourage you to speak the language by answering questions orally and comparing your answers to model responses.

The revision lessons that accompany the course use the Isle of Man TT Races as a key theme and help to develop language skills in an enjoyable and humorous way.

This App is based on Culture Vannin's successful adult language course, Saase-jeeragh.

Key features:

  • Hundreds of words and basic phrases to give a foundation in the language
  • Record responses to questions and compare with a model answer
  • Dialogues and comprehension
  • Summaries of key language patterns
  • Integrated bilingual dictionary
  • Flashcard learning system to help revise vocabulary and phrases

The production of this learning resource has been made possible thanks to the very generous financial support from Sure Isle of Man.


Manx History

Manx History is a free web app which aims to provide new and exciting ways to find out more about the history of the Isle of Man.

Aimed primarily at secondary schools, we hope it encourages all ages to find out more about our Island story.

You'll find short videos, quizzes, curious facts and everything from the Crazy Celts to the Super Stanleys and beyond.

The web app was made possible by support from the Gough Ritchie Trust.

Launch the Manx History web app here.


Manx Songs & Rhymes

Manx Songs and Rhymes is an ideal and fun introduction to the Manx language. Based on the highly popular Roie Mygeayrt series produced by the Manx Gaelic Nursery Organisation, Mooinjer Veggey, this is a fun and exciting introduction to Manx. Bright and catchy songs written by Annie Kissack and illustrated by Jenny Kissack mean that this resource will be enjoyed by parents and children alike. It's also a great resource for those learning the language or who want to find out more about the language today. Download and get singing!

An interactive song book that includes:

  • 34 songs and rhymes in Manx with karaoke style text highlighting
  • Spoken audio for all songs
  • Dynamic English translations
  • Dictionary of the key vocabulary and sayings voiced by young children
  • An introduction to the numbers in Manx

Produced by Culture Vannin in conjunction with Anspear Ltd.