Apps & Social - Appyn as Meanyn Sheshoil

The officers of Culture Vannin run a lively and varied social media component to their work.

Twitter and Facebook have proved very effective tools in raising the profile of the work we do and in encouraging more people to engage with the language, music and our identity.

We have developed a broad portfolio of videos on Youtube and Vimeo which again have proven to be a fun and engaging way to find out more about the work we do. Recently, the Manx Language Development Officer has produced a video-a-day programme to coincide with the Island of Culture celebations and these can be viewed on one of our Youtube sites.

Over the last few years, Culture Vannnin has produced two free apps, the focus of which has been the language. Learn Manx and Manx Songs and Rhymes are available on GooglePlay and the iStore and are both free. It is hoped that they will provide a fun introduction to the language and cultural identity of the Isle of Man.

With funding from the Gough Ritchie Trust, we developed the Manx History web app, which is also freely available.

To find out more about our social media work please click on the links on the right.