taking our culture forward

Culture Vannin awards grants and initiates schemes whilst supporting the work of development officers for music and language. The work of Culture Vannin has been fundamental to the revival of interest and support for Manx language and culture over the last twenty years.

The members meet on a regular basis throughout the year to consider applications for grants and to develop schemes which range over a wide area of Manx life including wildlife, geology, language, music, archaeology, art, history, social anthropology, oral history, archiving, education and the production of recordings and videos.

Our work focuses on:

  1. Celebrating Manx culture
  2. Supporting Manx creativity through innovation
  3. Promoting a vibrant national identity for the Isle of Man
  4. Inspiring life-long learning and discovery
  5. Sharing an understanding of our Island story with everyone, everywhere
  6. Developing educational resources and research opportunities
  7. Offering ways to connect with our unique identity
  8. Ensuring a strong living culture for future generations
  9. Recognising the inclusive nature of our cultural identity
  10. Putting Culture Vannin at the heart of our community

In July 2017, Tynwald approved 'Arts, culture and creativity for everyone - a national development strategy for culture and the arts', which was developed jointly by Culture Vannin and IOM Arts Council. The ten year vision sets six ambitions, which will be delivered in partnership with our cultural, artistic and creative communities:

  1. Inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy our culture and the arts.
  2. Invest in the Island’s creative community for success and sustainability.
  3. Promote our unique Manx culture and distinctiveness as central to the Island’s image, nationally and internationally.
  4. Champion the arts and culture as fundamental to our wellbeing and sense of place.
  5. Develop knowledge, skills and understanding within our creative and cultural industries.
  6. Inspire and enable people to explore new horizons through innovation, media and technology.

The full strategy is available for download in the links on the right, together with annual reporting.