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Sarah Mercer

Graduate Intern

Sarah Mercer

Sarah joined Culture Vannin for a one-year internship in September 2019, leading the new project ‘Mann’s Green Footsteps’.

Mann’s Green Footsteps will record and share how the global climate crisis is affecting Manx culture, and how our UNESCO Biosphere status is both influencing, and being influenced by, those changes. Through a series of mini-interviews, films and a crowd-sourced short film, the project will follow the responses by individuals, scientists, businesses, politicians and communities to the climate emergency. Mann’s Green Footsteps will cover topics such as farming, conservation, rewilding, green energy, sustainable development, education, art and music, individual action, community projects, food, transport, economy, traditional practices, the Manx language and many more.

This is a crowd-sourced project, so we want you to get involved! If you know of/have a project, idea, or activity happening that you think fits into the scope of Mann’s Green Footsteps, then send us an email.

Sarah is a recent graduate from Durham University, having completed a BSc in Physical Geography, and an MRes in Geography and Archaeology. Her focus has shifted from climate change research to climate change communication, founding the now annual event Footprint, held in Durham. Sarah is a climate activist and is also involved in learning about off-grid living, low impact traditional lifestyles and environmentally positive methods of food production, such as food forests, grow your own, permaculture and regenerative farming.