Manx Language - Y Ghaelg

Culture Vannin recognises the importance of Manx Gaelic as part of the unique culture of the Island. It firmly believes that continued support for the language should be at the cornerstone of the work of the organisation.

Culture Vannin employs a Manx Language Development Officer - Yn Greinneyder - who is responsible for a wide-range of projects aimed at promoting, supporting and developing the language.

A language development programme has been produced by Yn Greinneyder for Culture Vannin. It recognises four key areas which need to be addressed in order to secure the future of Manx:

  • Planning for language learning - includes supporting language transmission in the family, pre-school and at Manx medium education level.
  • Planning for language use - includes the promotion of cultural tourism and developing the use of Manx in the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Status Planning - the visibility of the language should continue to be a priority and Government encouraged to work towards compliance with the European Charter for regional and minority languages.
  • Corpus planning - the need for linguistic standardisation and the development of specialised terminology.

Culture Vannin’s Manx Language Policy provides more detail on the future priorities for the language and can be downloaded from this page.

Visit to find out more about the Manx language and how you can learn it.

Culture Vannin provides a translations service between Manx and English.